Is My

Child Eligible?

Below are the eligibility requirements for a child to participate as a Little in BBBSZ’s Community-based or Lunch Buddies in one of our partnering schools.

Youth must be between the ages of 7-14 at the time of enrollment.
Youth can stay in the program until the age of 18 should their match last that long. However, at the time of application they must be in the 7-14 age bracket.

Youth who have an absent parent in their lives (may see them infrequently or just a few times a year) are our priority when matching them with a mentor. Do you think a child may benefit from a mentor but  does not meet this qualification? Please complete an application and we will work you to determine eligibility.

We determine this by whether they receive free or reduced lunch at school. Should a youth meet other requirements but does not qualify for free or reduced lunch, you may contact us at the email or phone number below to discuss the  circumstances and see if an exception can be made.

Youth and family are interested in participating in the program.
Not only is your child’s participation and interest key in a successful match, so is the family's commitment to the program.

Youth who are in the right place to start the program.
We know families have a lot going on, and we also know our most successful matches are with those families who are in a relatively stable environment. If a child has recently suffered a loss or trauma, or the family is currently dealing with a crisis, we may need to refer a family to other services before introducing a mentor into their lives. Feel free to discuss a family's situation with us before referring them to the program to determine if it is a good time.

ANY child can benefit from a mentor!
Any child can enroll in our programs but being matched is dependent on number of volunteers available and grade levels served (Lunch Buddies). We will take referrals for other program options.

How To Enroll My Child

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